Brooke Matson



The cold brass of sun slides

the evening leaves.


Star magnolias spin

on the surface of the pond


like a tattered gown.

The moon slips


from night’s fingers

as a broad-winged crane descending—


no more reason to hold herself

so far above the world.


“Twilight” is reprinted from The Moons (Blue Begonia Press, 2012).

Brooke Matson was born and raised on the rural side of Yakima, Washington. She attended Gonzaga University, where she received her B.A. in English and her M.A. in Educational Leadership. Her work has been published in the Blue Begonia Press anthology, Weathered Pages, in 2005. Her first book is The Moons (Blue Begonia Press, 2012). Matson lives in Spokane where she teaches at a small experiential high school.