The Far Field, 2012 – 2014

This site is preserved as a record of Washington State poetry and poets from February 2012 – February 2014. The voices collected here include renowned and emerging poets, student poets, poets published for the first time, poets from all corners of the state.  All of these writers were residents of Washington at the time of their publication.

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  • The Carver/Roethke page includes downloadable poems by both poets.
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  • You can search using the following categories:  abuse, aging, Ars Poetica, children’s, cowboy, ekphrastic, elegy, environment, experimental, faith, family, feminism, food, form, hard times,health, history and events, humor, identity, language, love, memory, metaphor, miscarriage, mortality, music, myths and stories, now, peace, persona, philosophy, place, prose, science, seasons, sonnet, spoken word, student, translation, video, villanelle, work

Thanks to Humanities Washington and the Washington State Arts Commission for supporting the Washington State Poet Laureate Program.

And many thanks to the 370+ poets of Washington State for contributing their work to The Far Field.

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Kathleen Flenniken