Bridget Stixrood

Mad lib beet powder


There are these little _______(color 1) bugs you see in the summertime that are attracted to ______(color2  you want to put with color1) things.

In the sun they appear ______ (adverb +verb) on the _____(color2)  making you ______ (verb) your ______(body part) in confusion.

_______(common saying) or too much ________ (element) and you are seeing ______(psychedelic plural noun).

Soon you’ll see they are all over the _______(something you are proud of noun) tracing your art. You have to be careful not to smear their ________(color1) bodies all over your work. It’s better to _____(physical movement) and let them ________(satisfying word). While they are working you will want a perfect ______(a noun you love) of something. A(n) ________(green food).  A ________(color1 food). You’ll like a(n) ______ (color2 food), u will like ______( the dish you just made), u will like ______(what you drink it with), ull like _______(verbing), ull like _____(verbing), like ______(verbing). ___________ (sometimes, anytime, always, never) it takes that much.


Bridget Stixrood recently moved back to Seattle after 7 years on the East Coast, where she received a BA in poetry at The New School in 2009 and co-ran the historic 1796 Fitzwilliam Inn and Cheshire Tavern with two other women in their twenties. Bridget Stixrood’s work spans poetry, performance with video, and food.