Rauan Klassnik

from Holy Land

I’m on a cloud floating by and I’ve gone mad but madness flows away in a tall shining work of Art and I’m standing in front of a fountain and the world’s ringing down through me and there are no fields of migrants mixing hair and bone into concrete. Trucks lined up and ready. Cups of cold coffee, a Rolex and a crucifix. A girl on a payphone begging.


This excerpt from Holy Land originally appeared in DMQ Review.

Rauan Klassnik‘s work has appeared in Typo 13, Coconut, Avatar ReviewThe Mississippi ReviewThe Kennessaw ReviewThe North American ReviewNo Tell MotelSentence, CaesuraSleepingfishMiPoesias and others. His first book, The Holy Land, was published by Black Ocean Press.   His second book, The Moon’s Jaw, will appear in December, also from Black Ocean Press. He lives in Kirkland.