Doug Nufer

Lounge Acts


Doug New and the Fur
Rob Roy and the Nightcaps
Colt Fore and the Tee Fives
Gib Lee and the Frescas
Jim Beam and the Royal Crowns
Gar Nish and the Twists
Mick Surr and the Swizzle Sticks
Pop Off and the Grenadines
Red Dye and the Mariscinos
Dick Cull and the Jewel Lips
Miss Stir and the Boss Stun
Ray Near and the Shots
Black Jack and the Daniels
Barb Back and the Pour
Butch Mills and the Rocks
Dee Tease and the Squeezings

Honey Castro and the Bee Feeders
Dina Martina and the Stemware
Harvey Danger and the Wallbangers
Philip Glass and the Binge
Ivy Poison and the Coasters
Mack Jigger and the Riling Steins

Mark Curse and the Make
Al Roy and the Keyer
Ape Pee and the Eye
Key Turk and the Wild
Fire Salve and Bay Bomb
Tan Hat and the Man
Neat Teen and the Mar
Kane Rick and the Her

Moe Hee and the Tow
Ray Most and the Fizz
Jane Bee and the Bar Flies
Mal Beck and the Swill
Mess Gal and the Posh
Bart Thyme and the Stool
Mel Lure and the High Life
Scott Land and the Balvenie
Hy Ball and the Vat 69
Bound Sir and the 86ed
Seve Finn and the Seven
Graham Sport and the Six Grapes
Clare Rhett and the Five Crew Class A
Bea Girl and the Four Roses
Mack Way and the Triple Sec
Tzar Mash and the Doubles
Scott Shore and the Single Malts
Doe Zahg and the Brute Zero
Ry Plonk and the Well
Rod Gut and the Dive
Jay Surr and the Knock-backs
Mick Finn and the Pick-ups
Jen Mill and the Last Call


Doug Nufer writes fiction, poetry, and pieces for performance, favoring “formal constraints,” such as in his most recent novel Never Again, in which it is said that no word appears more than once. Other novels include On the Roast and Negativeland (both published in 2004 “although I finished them over a 15-year period”). He has also been published in the Washington Free Press, Art Access, The Stranger, American Book Review, and The Nation.

Doug Nufer will be part of “Lit Crawl”¬†Friday, March 30.


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