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I keep my grudge near me

and pull a warm blanket to its chin.


Its sweet pliable mouth makes the shapes

of all my little prejudices.


I’m ashamed how comforting

cold company is. All my life


I’ve birthed resentments

half mine, half drawn from the air.


Wisps of  unrest and deprivation

light the nursery,


blink and wiggle to my rocking.

This one wails, ready to wake


the neighborhood. Who will love it

if not me? I nurse my grudge


until the sky fills pink with morning

birds, or sleep through its squalls


and wake anxious and alone.




Previously appeared in Willow Springs.



Poems Online


Following are brief reviews of four poets’ collected letters. For anyone who can’t quite penetrate the eccentricity of Marianne Moore’s poetry, or who misses the deep feeling beneath Elizabeth Bishop’s famous control, I recommend their incomparable letters. Wallace Stevens explains “The Emperor of Ice Cream” and other mysteries, though the mystery of his inner life remains mostly intact. And the correspondence of WC Williams and Louis Zukofsky documents the modernist and avant-garde poetry movements and a warm and supportive friendship.

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